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Windows 8.1 with Start Button?

The biggest criticism of Windows 8 is probably the lack of start button. I myself do not find it so bad, but that is now beside the point. With Windows 8.1 this popular button will however return.

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Mad Max – Video game almost certain!

Yeah! Mad Max is not just a horny film, but also provides enough material for a video game conversion. The sign of a realization are extremely good. Because the publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has secured the following domains.

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Game Dev Tycoon – Funny copy

Game Dev Tycoon is the first game of Greenheart Games. To avoid pirated have the smart people just a cracked version uploaded in a Torrent network. The game works flawlessly for some time, but then the following message appears.

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Wii Update – Now available

Starts your Wii U, since the long-awaited update is now available! Besides speed (Wohoo!) And some other things have been improved.

All details can be found here. I invite the update straight down! Hopefully the menu is really fast.